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November 29th 2019

Welcome to another blog post. 

As you can see from the dates, it’s been a while!  Running a shop can be quite demanding as I’ve seen over the last 23 months.  In that time, I’ve learn the vagaries of the business, bought a house which had a total revamp and rebranded the business as well as working on the new website and developing our social media presence.  It’s exhausting just thinking about it!

My favourite change over this time has been assuming more of the tutoring duties; we had some staff changes over the summer which galvanised me into action.  Coming to the end of this first terms (yep, I still think in terms…), I’ve realised how much I love the teaching aspect.  For those who don’t know, I was a Head of Learning Support and SENCO in a girls’ school in Surrey for many years before moving over to Norfolk so teaching is “in the bones”.  I’ve enjoyed every aspect from choosing projects and making up the samples, to standing on a step ladder taking photos of those samples on the kitchen floor, to seeing students’ nearly finished projects.  That buzz of excitement – the Eureka moment when someone suddenly “gets” that quirk or understands how the block finally comes together, or modifies their project – has re-emerged and I love this side of the business.

I’ve still got a lot to learn!  One of our lovely ladies commented on the this latest brochure, saying how much brighter and better it was; the photos were far clearer as she didn’t need to see the samples “in the fabric” as it were…  Note to self, check light settings on the camera!

Take care – please check in again for my next post.


Welcome to our new blog.
The website has had a complete revamp; it was long overdue and hopefully you’ll find our new version appealing, easy to navigate and intuitive. Please bear with us; it’ll develop over the next few months as we add more tips, photos to the gallery and workshops to our class programme.